Jack's Life


Gone too soon.

As Jack’s family we have found losing him to be the most traumatic experience we could ever have endured. We wanted to share with you Jack’s life so you can get a feel for the boy he was and the man he would have grown to be.

Jack's Birth and Family

Jack William Dulson was welcomed into the world on Monday, 26 July 2004 by his adoring parents and all of his loving family. He was the youngest sibling of three sisters and a brother. He made the family complete. He was to become a devoted grandson, fabulous nephew and very special cousin. He was much-loved by everyone who met him. Jack adored animals, unlike the rest of the family, and showed them a natural affection.

Jack's Personality

Jack really was a very special little boy who became happier and even more content with his life as he grew. He had a skip in his stride and a smile that could melt away your heart. There was a twinkle in his eye and enough mischief to give him his fantastic personality. He reached every milestone ahead of time and became curious and confident in his approach to life.

Jack The Sportsman

Jack was always a fit, athletic and active young boy, who embraced life and loved sport. He looked up to and aspired to be just like his brother, accompanying him to many sporting events until he was old enough to swim, play hockey, cricket and rugby himself. Like his brother, Jack became a member of Julie’s Swim School, Newcastle Staffs Rugby Union FC, North Stafford Hockey Club  and Porthill Park Cricket Club.  Jack had a natural ability to defend and a keen eye for the ball. At these clubs he not only made friends with his team mates, siblings, parents and grandparents alike, but he encouraged his own friends to go along.  Jack had the same passion for hockey as one of his sisters and, when he had his new hockey stick for Christmas, it spent many a night snuggled in his bed with him.  He would check it for knocks thoroughly after each game.

Jack and Stoke City Football Club

Jack was a season ticket holder at Stoke City Football Club and attended regular home matches with his dad and brother.  His only reluctance to watching the game was the long walk to and from where the car was parked, but he loved being with the boys. His favourite player was Asmir Begovic, who has since left the club, but was very supportive of Jack’s family after the tragedy.  Jack always had a pair of goalie gloves to hand, just like his football idol. Stoke City Football Club has also generously contributed to the charity events held in memory of Jack.

Jack On Holiday

Jack had many fabulous family holidays and days out. As he was the youngest he became the centre of the family’s activities and plans. He was easily pleased with the simple things in life, especially the great outdoors. London was his favourite city and he thoroughly enjoyed marching around the attractions, exploring the museums and delighted in the military occasions.

Jack's Acting and Singing

Jack, like his youngest sister, had a beautiful singing voice and would hum and sing constantly. He just loved the many hours spent making and baking with her too. He was due to perform a main part in his school play, Smike, the week after he passed away. Rehearsals had been held from September to March. His friends and the school did him proud and the play went on.

Jack, His Enjoyment Of Lego and His Friends.

Jack was such a happy little boy. In his spare time he would build Lego and play on his iPad. Every pocket had a Lego Mini Figure waiting for its next adventure with his friends. Jack had one of the largest friendship groups. He had some extra special friends too, who will cherish their treasured memories of a much loved friend forever. Even one of the quotes from his get well cards says: “Jack you are a friend to everyone, even the girls”.

“We want to ‘make a difference’ and to ensure that Jack William Dulson is never forgotten.”

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